luni, 25 iulie 2016

Best real estate virtual tour software

As the technology advances, as the smartphone became more powerful that the PCs that we were using only 10 years ago, as the internet connectivity becomes more wide spread, I can say that software will also develop more and more, will became more like a comodity and not like a kind of exclusive product for companies or for people that will afford to spend a lot of money on their own licenses.

Now... a relatively new concept (well - not very new, but in fact very interesting due to the fact that the technology will help in adoption of this model) is the software as a service mode, that can be considered quite an revolutionary step regarding software, because anyone can nou use a software for a short amount of time, or only for a certain project.

So, instead of spending large amounts of money for a license fee that you won't need for a long amount of time, someone would be able to only purchase the amount of time it needs or only to purchase the software for a certain project/product, and save a lot of money.

Also, the fact that SAAS mode is able to be used on the internet, in any kind of browser or in concordance with an API based interface, makes it very modern and at the same time, platform independent.

Our test was done with a virtual tour software - a very interesting solution from Tour Wizard, a company that develops this kind of specialised software solutions.

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